Program matrix


Friday April 13
0830 – 1000 Symposium 01 – Angle Closure Glaucoma: A to Z Symposium 02 – Medical Treatment and Adherence Course 01 – Glaucoma Statistics and Reporting Glaucoma Study Results Course 02 – Gonioscopy and Angle Imaging
Summit Hall 205 201/202 203/204 105/110
Makoto Araie – Epidemiology of angle closure

Dawn Lim – Angle assessment
Tetsuya Yamamoto – Prognosis of primary angle closure
Nazrul Islam – Management of APAC
Annabel Chew – Management of PACG – medical treatments
Jin Wook Jeoung – Management of PACG – laser treatments
Clement Tham – Management of PACG – surgical treatments


Makoto Araie
Ja Heon Kang

Chungkwon Yoo – Adherence to glaucoma medication: single-dose unit vs. multiple dose bottle

Jed Lusthaus – Drugs now and to come
Robert Ritch – Alternative medical approaches
Catherine Liu – Ongoing major challenges: adherence, perseverance and physical obstacles
Simon Skalicky – The good, the bad and the ugly: preservatives and ocular surface disease
Chan Yun Kim – Treatment patterns and medication adherence of patients with glaucoma in South Korea
Andika Gandasubrata – Medical management of Uveitic glaucoma
Ya-Chuan Hsiao – Monitoring ocular structure and intraocular pressure change in pediatric myopic eyes under atropine treatment


Colin Clement
Chan Yun Kim
Tsing-Wong Wang

Mani Baskaran – Basic statistics

Kazuhiko Mori – Meta-Analysis
Monisha Nongpiur – How to read and interpret published results
Tarek Shaarawy – How to report study results

Davaatseren Uranchimeg
Hae-Young Lopilly Park

Nazrul Islam – Normal angle anatomy and classification

Neha Midha – Goniopathology
Shan Lin – ASOCT imaging
Talvir Sidhu – Video-gonioscopy in primary and secondary angle closure glaucoma
Kazuhiko Mori – Tips and pitfalls of using surgical double mirror gonio lens


Talvir Sidhu
Eun Ji Lee

1000 – 1030 Morning tea – trade exhibition
1030 – 1100 Official Opening
Grand Ballroom, Level 3
1100 – 1230

Plenary – Awardees Presentations

Grand Ballroom, Level 3

APGS International award and lecture – Professor Sir Peng T Khaw
Presentation title: Surgical therapies for glaucoma – 10 10 10 and beyond
APGS Asia-Pacific award and lecture – Ningli Wang
Presentation title: The impact of trans-laminar cribrosa pressure difference on blood vessels
Young APGS award and lecture – Hiroshi Murata
Presentation title: Applying machine learning method to visual fields
APGS 2016 International award and lecture – Professor George Spaeth
Presentation title: The proper and the improper use of risk factors
1230 – 1400

Luncheon symposium

From issues to solutions : Update on Glaucoma diagnosis & management
Grand Ballroom, Level 3

Cheng Gangwei (Peking Union Medical College Hospital)
Catherine Liu (Taipei Veterans General Hospital)
Ki Ho Park (Seoul National University Hospital)
Ngamkae Ruangvaravate (Siriraj Hospital, Mahidol University)
Ki Ho Park
Tin Aung
1400 – 1530 Symposium 03 – Glaucoma Diagnosis and Imaging Symposium 04 – Patient’s Perspective Symposium Course 03 – Blood Flow Aspects In Glaucoma Course 04 – Optimizing Trabeculectomy
Summit Hall 205 201/202 203/204 105/110
Kai Shun Leung – Progression detection using OCT

Kazuhisa Sugiyama – Diagnosis of myopic glaucoma
Jong Chul Han – Deep optic nerve head deformation in myopic glaucoma
Jin Wook Jeoung – Detection of preperimetric glaucoma
Xiulan Zhang – Optic nerve head imaging by a novel automatic assessment
Jong Yeon Lee – Signal alteration in the optic nerve head on 3D T2 magnetic resonance imaging: a potential new radiologic imaging sign of glaucomatous optic neuropathy
Balwantray Chauhan – Clinical implication of BMO-MRW

Catherine Liu
Kazuhisa Sugiyama
Ji-Woong Lee

Robert Ritch – Glaucoma patient groups – the hard road up the hill

Joe Lovett – Scotoma and it’s impact on your patient’s daily quality of life
Kyung-Sang Yu – A patient’s journey with glaucoma
August Colenbradner – Looking at glaucoma / Looking with glaucoma – Two points of view
By video stream
Simon Skalicky – The impact of comorbidity in glaucoma
Kai Shun Leung – Measurement of visual disability in glaucoma patients in a virtual reality environment

Robert Ritch
Ivan Goldberg
Jae Hong Ahn

Eun Ji Lee – Choroidal blood flow and PPA in glaucoma

Tae Woo Kim – OCT angiography
Jae Wan Choi – Ocular perfusion pressure and glaucoma
Wei-Wen Su – Peripheral vascular endothelial dysfunction and NTG
Norlina Ramli – Role of ocular perfusion pressure in NTG progression
Lutz Pillunat – Role of retinal venous pressure in glaucoma
Toru Nakazawa – Updates on laser speckle flowgraphy in glaucoma

Jamiyanjav Baasankhuu
Michael Kook

Zakia Sultana Shahid – Cairn’s trabeculectomy – historical background

Nazrul Islam – Anti-fibrotic MMC, 5FU, collagen matrix and anti VEGF in trabeculaectomy
Clement Tham – Trabeculectomy – my techniques
Visanee Tantisevi – Filtering surgery is on the move
Nurwasis – How to obtain good filtering surgical outcome
Sang Woo Park – Combined trabeculectomy with phacoemulsification
Muhammad Ziaul Karim – How to prevent and manage complications in trabeculectomy

Visanee Tantisevi
Na Young Lee

1530 – 1600 Afternoon tea – trade exhibition
1600 – 1730 Symposium 05 – Glaucoma Surgery Film Festival Symposium 06 – Epidemiology and Screening of Glaucoma Symposium 07 – Exfoliation Syndrome Course 05 – Hot Topics in Glaucoma Research
Summit Hall 205 201/202 203/204 105/110
Tarek Shaarawy – MIGS techniques

Chelvin Sng – Long-standing hypotony after glaucoma surgery — hope or despair?
Sheng Lim – Rescue operations after GDD implantation
Surinder Pandav – Suprachoroidal effusion & hemorrhage
Parthasarathi Sathyan – Late complications of trabeculectomy
Xiulan Zhang – Surgical treatment on refractive glaucoma with scleral staphyloma
Boonchai Wangsupadilok – Pars planectomy, a new filtering surgery technique

Michael Kook
Chun Zhang

Jemaima Che Hamzah – Cost-effectiveness of population screening for glaucoma

Ronnie George – Glaucoma blindness: POAG vs. PACG. Who goes blind?
Vijaya Lingam – Glaucoma in developing countries
Paul Healey – Large population-based epidemiologic studies in glaucoma
Ching-Yu Cheng – The epidemiology of glaucoma in Asia
Dan Milea – Chromatic pupillometry for glaucoma detection
George Spaeth – Epidemiology and screening talking on: Why people with moderate glaucoma fall


Vijaya Lingam
Sang Woo Park
Kwou-Yeung Wu

Tin Aung – Recent advances in genetics of XFS

Vijaya Lingam – Prevalence and natural history of exfoliation
Anita Chan – Pathology of XFS
Shahin Yazdani – Treatment options and the challenges of exfoliation glaucoma
Mineo Ozaki – Cataract extraction in exfoliation

Robert Ritch
Andika Gandasubrata

Na Rae Kim – Melatonin levels in eyes with primary open angle glaucoma
Makoto Aihara – Lipid mediators and IOP regulation
Chungkwon Yoo – Body posture and glaucoma
Mani Baskaran – Visual field progression in glaucoma: Simulated model and applications
Kai Shun Leung – Retinal nerve fiber layer optical texture analysis
Tae Woo Kim – Effect of choroidal microvascular dropout on the visual filed sensitivity

Tin Aung – GWAS studies for glaucoma

Jin Wook Jeoung

1730 – 1930 Welcome Reception – trade exhibition



Saturday April 14
0900 – 1030


Grand Ballroom, Level 3

Toru Nakazawa– Is RGC apoptosis the defining feature of glaucoma?
Paul Kaufman – Gene therapy for glaucoma; becoming what we never were – why, how, when?
Paul Palmberg – The coming paradigm shift in glaucoma management
Ivan Goldberg

Prin Rojanapongpun

1030 – 1100 Morning tea – trade exhibition
1100 – 1230 Symposium 08 – Intraocular Pressure and Beyond Symposium 09 – Glaucoma Genetics: An Update Course 06 – Laser Treatment in Glaucoma Course 07 – Glaucoma Imaging in Clinical Practice
Summit Hall 205 201/202 203/204 105/110
Shamira Perera – IOP dissected

Prin Rojanapongpun – Clinical relevant of the IOP outside the office hours
Paul Kaufman – Presbyopia and Glaucoma: Two Diseases, one pathophysiology
Ningli Wang – CSF and trans-lamina cribrosa pressure difference
Neeru Gupta – Evidence that CSF Enters the Optic Nerve and Implications for Glaucoma
Toru Nakazawa – Systemic oxidative stress and blood flow
Norman Aquino – Addressing Retinal Ganglion Cell (RGC) injury Through non-IOP lowering approaches

Prin Rojanapongpun
Jemaima Che Hamzah
Yongho Sohn

Tin Aung – Exfoliation syndrome and LOXL1: possible new therapy?

David Mackey – The expanding association of congenital glaucoma genes
Calvin Pang – Investigation of the glaucoma genes
P Sundaresan – Current trends in molecular genetics of POAG and PACG
Monisha Nongpiur – Update on genetics of angle closure glaucoma
Naj Sharif – Can glaucoma genes translate into therapeutic targets?

Calvin Pang
Soon Cheol Cha
Tin Aung

Edgar Leuenberger – Laser iridotomy (temp vs non temporal and max use of ASOCT)

Wong Hon Tym – Laser iridoplasty
Gan Eng Hui – SLT
Maria Cecilia Aquino – Micropulse transcleral cyclophotocoagulation
Ana MarĂ­a Vásquez – Femtosecond laser-assisted cataract surgery in glaucoma patients
Liuzhi Zeng – Clinical application of ultrasound cyclo plasty (UCP)

SK Fang
Gong Je Seong

Shan Lin – Imaging modality for angle-closure glaucoma in under-served region

Young Kook Kim – Pattern of glaucoma progression in macular vulnerability zone
Mark de Leon – Retinal vascular caliber in glaucoma
Jae Hong Ahn – Usefulness of alteration flicker using disc photography
Tadamich Akagi – Vascular imaging of optic nerve and retina using OCT-angiography
Ya Xing Wang – Prevalence and associations of peripapillaey atrophy defined by OCT in a population-based study
Fei Li – Profiles of anterior choroidal thickness in POAG and PACD eyes evidenced by UBM and SS-OCT

Manuel Agulto
Chan Yun Kim

1230 – 1400

Luncheon symposium

New Advances in Minimally-Invasive Glaucoma Surgery
Grand Ballroom, Level 3

Paul Healey – Overview of MIGS and their role in the Management of Glaucoma
Nathan Kerr – A New Era in Glaucoma Surgery with Suprachoroidal Access
Sheng Lim – Clinical Outcomes of Supraciliary Micro-stent Implantation for Open-Angle Glaucoma. COMPASS Study results
Colin Clement – Glaucoma Micro-Stent – Surgery Practical tips
Question and Answer Session
Nathan Kerr

1400 – 1530 Symposium 10 – Challenging Cases Symposium 11 Pfizer – Valuable Insights in the Diagnosis and Management of Glaucoma Symposium 12 – Structure and Function Course 08- Pediatric Glaucoma
Summit Hall 205 201/202 203/204 105/110
Vijaya Lingam – Drug induced angle closure glaucoma: mechanism and management

Astrianda Suryono – Challenging IOP control in a uveitic glaucoma
Shams Md. Noman – Management of hypotonic maculopathy
Noel Chan – Trabeculectomy post vitreo retina surgery
Ahmad Aref – Surgical management of secondary pigmentary glaucoma
Nazrul Islam – Combined phacotrab in shallow AC and small pupil
Lim Lik Thai – The management of hypotony secondary to endogenous severe fungal endophthalmitis from a vitreo-retinal perspective
Paul Palmberg – Traumatic glaucoma management surprise


Norman Aquino
Jae Woo Kim

Ki Ho Park – Key learnings in the evaluation of glaucoma: perspective from Korea

Robert Ritch – Insights in the management of glaucoma
Ivan Goldberg – The challenges for glaucoma medical therapy: adherence and persistence

Robert Chang – Combining functional and structural test for glaucoma detection

Maria Imelda Yap-Veloso – Detecting progression in advanced glaucoma: What may help?
Manchima Makorwattana – How to utilize rates of structural and functional changes in glaucoma monitoring
Hae-Young Lopilly Park – Macular structure-function correlation
Ryo Asaoka – Pitfalls in the evaluation of structure-function relationship
Kung Rim SungStructure and function relationship, is it different between open angle and angle closure glaucoma?
Henry Chen – Quantitative comparison of OCT angiography between open angle glaucoma and NAION
Hoh Sek Tien – Managing glaucoma in highly myopic eyes

Michael Kook
Mimiwati Zahari
Nazrul Islam – Basic evaluation and role of medical therapy

Sir Peng Khaw– Management of the childhood glaucomas: Lessons, advances and dreams across a century
Huaizhou Wang– Surgical treatment of primary congenital glaucoma
Balekudaru Shantha – Glaucoma drainage devices for pediatric glaucoma

Vijaya Lingam
Seung Joo Ha

1530 – 1600 Afternoon tea – trade exhibition
1600 – 1730 Symposium 13 – New Ideas in Medical Treatment Symposium 14 – Normal Tension Glaucoma: What’s new Course 09 – Interpreting Visual Fields Free Paper Session 1
Summit Hall 205 201/202 203/204 105/110
Seungsoo Rho – Application of biodegradable materials on glaucoma treatment

Ya Xing Wang – A prospect of future medical treatment for glaucoma
Paul Kaufman – Targeting the conventional outflow pathway: Rho Kinase Inhibitors, Nitric Oxide Donors, Adenosine A1 Receptor Agonists, EP2/EP4 Receptor Agonists
Toshihiro Inoue – Efficacy and safety of a ROCK inhibitor, ripasudil, in glaucoma
Kyoung In Jung – Wound healing modulation in glaucoma implant surgery
Paul Healey – Gene Therapy for Glaucoma. Fact or Fantasy?


Norman Aquino
Chang-sik Kim
Catherine Liu

Ningli Wang – Cerebrospinal fluid dynamics in NTG

Tae-Woo Kim – Lamina cribrosa deformation in NTG
Tetsuya Yamamoto – Medical and surgical therapy for NTG
Dexter Leung – Neuroimaging in NTG
Kai Shun Leung – OCT findings in NTG (except lamina cribrosa and OCTA)
Koji Nitta – OCT angiography for NTG
Akira Sawada – Prognosis of normotensive preperimetric glaucoma


Ningli Wang
Chan Kee Park
Makoto Araie

Andrew White – Does reliabilty matter?

Noel Chan – Distinguishing myopia, optic neuropathy and other ocular pathology from glaucoma
Ryo Asaoka – Detecting progression – which method is best?
Ridia Lim – Progressing fields: when is it significant and when should I intervene?
Ji-Woong Lee – The fast component of visual field decay
Ronnie George – New and emerging perimetry: will it make a difference?


Joon Mo Kim
Chuning Li

Huanhuan Cheng – Comparison of both macular vessel density and ganglion cell–inner plexiform layer in different stages of glaucoma

Xiafei Pan – The relationship between visual field progression and physical activity in glaucoma patients
Manuela Ferrazza – Clinical assessment of optic disc automatic high definition multicolor stereo vs digital monoscopic photographs by glaucoma specialists and by general ophthalmologists
Chen Juanjuan – The diurnal macular retinal blood flow fluctuation of normal persons and POAG patients
Ahnul Ha – Baseline Lamina Cribrosa Curvature and Subsequent Visual Field Progression Rate in Primary Open-Angle Glaucoma
Edgar Leuenberger – Comparison of the Clinical Profile of Glaucoma Patients Between Private and Government Clinics in the Philippines
Hyun-kyung Cho – Correlation between Bruch’s Membrane Opening-Minimum Rim Width and Peripapillary Retinal Nerve Fiber Layer Thickness according to Disc Size
Fei Li – Diurnal variations in the morphology of Schlemm’s canal and intraocular pressure in healthy Chinese: an SS-OCT study
Fei Li – Anterior but not posterior choroid changed before and during Valsalva maneuver in healthy Chinese: a UBM and SS-OCT study
Colin Clement – Long-term outcomes with second-generation MIGS trabecular micro-bypass stents in eyes with OAG on 1 preoperative medication

Davaatserem Uranchimeg
1745 – 1830 APGS Annual General Meeting.
All APGS members welcome – Summit Hall 205
Sunday April 15
0900 – 1030


Grand Ballroom, Level 3

Tetsuya YamamotoWhat we can expect to happen in our patients in 20 years after trabeculectomy
Neeru Gupta The role of lymphatics and glymphatics in glaucoma
Balwantray Chauhan – Practical tips for detecting progression in glaucoma
Ki Ho Park

SK Fang

1030 – 1100 Morning tea – trade exhibition
1100 – 1230 Symposium 15 – Debates in Controversies Symposium 16 – Glaucoma Drainage Device Course 10 – Resident Course Free Paper Session 2
Summit Hall 205 201/202 203/204 105/110
Poeman Chan – Motion 1: Surgical treatments could be offered for pre-perimetric open-angle glaucoma – FOR

Shamira Perera – Motion 1: Surgical treatments could be offered for pre-perimetric open-angle glaucoma – AGAINST
Clement Tham – Motion 2: Clear lens extraction is one of the treatment options for primary angle closure suspect (PACS) – FOR
Ronnie George – Motion 2: Clear lens extraction is one of the treatment options for primary angle closure suspect (PACS) – AGAINST
Hae-young Lopilly Park – Motion 3: Changes in retinal nerve fiber layer thickness is more important than visual field changes in following glaucoma progression.- FOR
Paul Healey – Motion 3: Changes in retinal nerve fiber layer thickness is more important than visual field changes in following glaucoma progression – AGAINST


Clement Tham
Kyung Rim Sung
Mario Aquino

Xiulan Zhang – How to improve outcomes

Victor Koh – New glaucoma drainage device
Do Tan – Pars plana clipped ahmed tube – a series report
Joseph Anthony Tumbocon – Tubes in tight places
Masaru Inatani – The complications of tube shunt surgery using Baerveldt glaucoma implant. –Prospective study
Da Wen Lu – Management of complications
Chang-sik Kim – Corneal damage after glaucoma drainage device
Virna Diwi Oktariana Asrory – Polymethyl methacrylate as glaucoma implant – (animal study)


SK Fang
Sae Huen Rho
Yong Yeon Kim

Norhalwani Husain – Clinical evaluation of the optic disc

Wong Hon Tym – Target IOP
Tae-Woo Kim – Myopia and normal-tension glaucoma
Jaewan Choi – Pitfalls in diagnosing and treating normal tension glaucoma
Mimiwati Zahari – Management of glaucoma in presence of ocular surface disease
Arun Narayanaswamy – Advanced management of acute angle closure


Kayoung Yi

Won June Lee – Ganglion cell-inner plexiform layer thinning rate of open-angle glaucoma: comparison between subgroups

Yong Woo Kim – “Random forests” classifier for differentiation of glaucoma from healthy eyes: SD-OCT vs. SD-OCT angiography study
George Spaeth – Repeatability and normative data of SPARCS, a full-field, computer based test of contrast sensitivity
Sigeng Lin – Longitudinal changes in retinal nerve fiber layer in glaucomatous eyes with parapapillary choroidal microvasculature dropout
Susan Bryan – A comparison between the Compass fundus perimeter and the Humphrey Field Analyzer
Suresh Subramaniam – Comparison of diagnostic capabilities of three-dimensional minimum-distance mapping of neuro-retinal rim thickness and retinal nerve fiber layer thickness using high-definition optical coherence tomography for open-angle glaucoma
Rubamalar Gunatheesan – Perfusion density measures from optical coherence tomography angiography to differentiate between glaucomatous and normal eyes.
Sung Uk Baek – Development of topographic scoring system for identifying glaucoma in myopic eyes: A spectral-domain optical coherence tomography study
Sunee Chansangpetch – Comparison of anterior segment optical coherence tomography parameters among Vietnamese, Chinese, and Caucasians
Colin Clement – Outcomes with Second-Generation Trabecular Micro-Bypass Stents in Patients with Glaucoma


Astrianda Suryono
Jin A Choi

1230 – 1400

Luncheon symposium

Modern Day Glaucoma Management in APAC
Grand Ballroom, Level 3

Prin Rojanoponpun – Challenging MMT
Michael Coote – The interventional surgery paradigm
Chelvin Sng – XEN™ in Asia
Ki Ho Park – Q&A and Wrap up
Ki Ho Park

1400 – 1530 Symposium 17 – ISGS Symposium Symposium 18 – Asia-Pacific Glaucoma Guideline Course 11 – Non Penetrating glaucoma Surgery Free Paper Session 3
Summit Hall 205 201/202 203/204 105/110
Paul Chew – New laser treatments for glaucoma

Surinder Pandav – ExPress
Tarek Shaarawy – Istent and Hydrus
Damrong Witawongwana – MIGS: Subconjunctival device (Xen)
Robert Chang – Suprachoroidal devices which includes the Cypass
Shan Lin – Innfocus
Dexter Leung – ECP and HIFU
Young Hoon Hwang – Novel membrane-tube type glaucoma shunt device


Paul Chew

Dexter Leung – Patient assessment and risk categories

Yuenbo Liang Evaluation of glaucoma care
Andrew White – Asia Pacific Glaucoma Guidelines: a practical approach
Jimmy LaiLaser treatment
Shamira Perera – APGG: Glaucoma surgery and laser
Rainier Covar – Bleb monitoring and Management of Failing Blebs


Ikke Sumantri
Gong Je Seong
Benjamin Abela

Colin Clement – Skills transfer: how to become and expert NPGS surgeon.

Nafees Baig – Deep sclerectomy: indications and outcomes
Dexter Leung – Deep sclerectomy
Bonnie Choy – non penetrating deep sclerectomy using CO2 laser


Hyun-Kyung Cho

Astrid Chairini – Compatibility of bleb morphology assessment using slit lamp biomicroscopy and bleb grader software

Patricia Anne Concepcion – Correlation of macular ganglion cell thickness with automated visual field findings in glaucoma patients seen at a tertiary hospital
Yacob Zurin Firdawani – Pattern of macula thickness and retinal nerve fiber layer defects in high myopic eyes in malay population: an optical coherence tomography study
Surinder Pandav – Aqueous humor alters healing response following glaucoma surgery
Sushma Verma – Characteristics of the corneal endothelium across primary angle closure disease spectrum
Clarissa Fang – Intermediate term outcome of placement of baerveldt glaucoma implant for refractory glaucoma in a Malaysian population
Efficacy and safety of brinzolamide/brimonidine fixed combination versus concomitant administration of individual components in Chinese patients with open-angle glaucoma or ocular hypertension

Do Tan
Jin Wook Jeoung

1530 – 1600 Afternoon tea – trade exhibition
1600 – 1730 Symposium 19 – WGA symposium Symposium 20 – Neovascular Glaucoma Course 12 – Glaucoma for general Ophthalmologists Free Paper Session 4
Summit Hall 205 201/202 203/204 105/110
Shaoying Tan – Updates on 24-hour IOP estimation
Young Hoon Hwang – Myopia in glaucoma
Hyoung Won Bae – Risk factors for glaucoma progression in patients with myopia
Joon Mo Kim – Systemic risk factors for development of glaucoma
George Spaeth – Risk factors for glaucoma progression and blindness; what are they and how do you manage them
Michael Coote – Why do glaucoma operations fail

Ki Ho Park
Chunyan Qiao

Mizanur Rahman – Pathophysiology, types and prevalence of neovascular glaucoma

Xiang Ma – Risk factors of neovascular glaucoma secondary to ocular ischemia syndrome and the treatment options
Manolito Reyes – Favorable and non favorable anti glaucoma medication for all stages of NVG
Poemen Chan – Role of laser and anti VEGF in neovascular glaucoma
Nazrul Islam – Prevention and comprehensive management of NVG
Siddiqur Rahman – Outline of treatment at different stages of the disease in NVG
SK Fang – Optimising surgical management of NVG

Da Wen Lu
Yong Yeon Kim
Joseph Anthony Tumbocon

Farrah Jaafar – Approach to glaucoma suspects

Kyung Rim Sung – Diagnosing glaucoma in highly myopic eyes
Arun Narayanaswamy – Steroids and glaucoma
Shan Lin – Laser iridotomy: when, where, and how large?
Seungsoo Rho – Management of neovascular glaucoma
Liza Sharmini – Glaucoma papers which have changed my clinical practice

Astrianda Suryono
Kyoo Won Lee

George Spaeth – Qualitative input to develop a health-related quality-of-life survey for glaucoma patients with micro-invasive glaucoma devices

Woo-Jin Kim – Effect of combined phacoemulsification and goniotomy on intraocular pressure in open-angle glaucoma

Muhammad Syamil Mohamad Salmi – One year outcome of combined phacoemulsification and endoscopic cyclophotocoagulation vs. phacoemulsification alone in patients with primary glaucoma
Seung Joo Ha – Long-term result of intraocular pressure reduction efficacy of pattern laser trabeculoplasty in refractory glaucoma patients
Yuanbo Liang – Modified Trabeculectomy to Achieve Inner Fow Procedure in Primary Angle Closure Glaucoma: A Prospective Series Study
Surinder Pandav – Effect of cataract extraction on Intraocular pressure in patients with spectrum of angle closure disease
Surinder Pandav – Intraoperative versus postoperative application of Mitomycin C in trabeculectomy- a pilot study

Ko Eun Kim

1730 Congress close