Program matrix


Friday April 13
0830 – 1000 Symposium 01 – Angle Closure Glaucoma: A to Z Symposium 02 – Medical Treatment and Adherence Course 05 – Glaucoma Statistics and Reporting Glaucoma Study Results Course 02 – Gonioscopy and Angle Imaging
Tetsuya Yamamoto – Prognosis of primary angle closure

Dawn Lim – Angle assessment
Makoto Araie – Epidemiology of angle closure
Nazrul Islam – Management of APAC
Jin Wook Jeoung – Management of PACG – laser treatments
Ho Ching Lin – Management of PACG – medical treatments
Clement Tham – Management of PACG – surgical treatments

Ja Heon Kang
Chungkwon Yoo – Adherence to glaucoma medication: single-dose unit vs. multiple dose bottle

Robert Ritch – Alternative medical approaches
Jed Lusthaus – Drugs now and to come
Tina Wong – Making good drugs better: new delivery systems heading our way
Catherine Liu – Ongoing major challenges: adherence, perseverance and physical obstacles
Simon Skalicky – The good, the bad and the ugly: preservatives and ocular surface disease
Chan Yun Kim – Treatment patterns and medication adherence of patients with glaucoma in South Korea

Chan Yun Kim
 Kazuhiko Mori – Meta-Analysis
Mani Baskaran – Basic statistics
Monisha Nongpiur – How to read and interpret published results
Tarek Shaarawy – How to report study results
Shan Lin – ASOCT imaging

Neha Midha – Goniopathology
Nazrul Islam – Normal angle anatomy and classification
Kazuhiko Mori – Tips and pitfalls of using surgical double mirror gonio lens
1000 – 1030 Morning tea – trade exhibition
1030 – 1100 Official Opening
1100 – 1230

Plenary – Awardees Presentations

APGS International award and lecture – Professor Sir Peng  T Khaw
APGS Asia-Pacific award and lecture – Dr Ningli Wang
Young APGS award and lecture – Dr Hiroshi Murata
APGS 2016 International award and lecture – Professor George Spaeth
1230 – 1400 Luncheon symposium – Santen
1400 – 1530 Symposium 03 – Glaucoma Diagnosis and Imaging Symposium 04 – Patient’s Perspective Symposium Course 03 – Blood Flow Aspects In Glaucoma Course 04 – Optimizing Trabeculectomy
Kai Shun Leung – Progression detection using OCT

Balwantray Chauhan – Clinical implication of BMO-MRW

Jong Chul Han – Deep optic nerve head deformation in myopic glaucoma
Jin Wook Jeoung – Detection of preperimetric glaucoma
Kazuhisa Sugiyama – Diagnosis of myopic glaucoma
Xiulan Zhang – Optic nerve head imaging by a novel automatic assessment
Jong Yeon Lee – Signal alteration in the optic nerve head on 3D T2 magnetic resonance imaging: a potential new radiologic imaging sign of glaucomatous Optic Neuropathy

Changwon Kee
Robert Ritch – Glaucoma patient groups – the hard road up the hill

Joe Lovett – Scotoma and it’s impact on your patient’s daily quality of life
Kyung-Sang Yu – A Patient’s Journey with Glaucoma
August Colenbradner – Looking AT glaucoma / Looking WITH glaucoma – Two points of view
By video stream
Simon Skalicky – The impact of comorbidity in glaucoma
Kai Shun Leung – Measurement of visual disability in glaucoma patients in a virtual reality environment

Jae Hong Ahn
Eun Ji Lee – Choroidal blood flow and PPA in glaucoma

Tae Woo Kim – OCT angiography
Jae Wan Choi – Ocular perfusion pressure and glaucoma
Wei-Wen Su – Peripheral vascular endothelial dysfunction and NTG
Norlina Ramli – Role of ocular perfusion pressure in NTG progression
Lutz Pillunat – Role of retinal venous pressure in glaucoma
Toru Nakazawa – Updates on laser speckle flowgraphy in glaucoma
Nazrul Islam – Anti-fibrotic MMC, 5FU, collagen matrix and anti VEGF in trabeculaectomy

Zakia Sultana Shahid – Cairn’s trabeculectomy – historical background
Sang Woo Park – Combined trabeculectomy with phacoemulsification
Ishtiaque Anwar – How to prevent and manage complications in trabeculectomy
Clement Tham – Trabeculectomy – my techniques
Visanee Tantisevi – Filtering surgery is on the move
1530 – 1600 Afternoon tea – trade exhibition
1600 – 1730 Symposium 05 – Glaucoma Surgery Film Festival Symposium 06 – Epidemiology and Screening of Glaucoma Symposium 07 – Exfoliation Syndrome Course 01 – Hot Topics in Glaucoma Research
Parthasarathi Sathyan – Late complications of Trabeculectomy

Surinder Pandav – Suprachoroidal effusion & hemorrhage
Tarek Shaarawy – MIGS techniques
Sheng Lim – Rescue operations after GDD implantation
Xiulan Zhang – Surgical treatment on refractive glaucoma with scleral staphyloma
Boonchai Wangsupadilok – Pars Planectomy, a new filtering surgery technique
Chelvin Sng
Managing malignant glaucoma

Kyu Ryong Choi
Jemaima Che Hamzah – Cost-effectiveness of population screening for glaucoma

Ronnie George – Glaucoma blindness: POAG vs. PACG. Who goes blind?
Vijaya Lingam – Glaucoma in developing countries
Paul Healey – Large population-based epidemiologic studies in glaucoma
Ching-Yu Cheng – The epidemiology of glaucoma in Asia
Dan Milea – Chromatic pupillometry for glaucoma detection

Sang Woo Park
Tin Aung – Recent advances in genetics of XFS

Mineo Ozaki – Cataract extraction in exfoliation
Vijaya Lingam – Prevalence and natural history of exfoliation
Shahin Yazdani – Treatment options and the challenges of exfoliation glaucoma
Anita Chan – Pathology of XFS

Changwon Kee
Chungkwon Yoo – Body posture and glaucoma
Na Rae Kim – Melatonin levels in eyes with primary open angle glaucoma
Makoto Aihara – Lipid mediators and IOP regulation
Mani Baskaran – Visual field progression in glaucoma: Simulated model and applications
Tae Woo Kim – Effect of choroidal microvascular dropout on the visual filed sensitivity
Kai Shun Leung – Retinal nerve fiber layer optical texture analysis
Tin Aung – GWAS studies for glaucoma
1730 – 1930 Welcome Reception – trade exhibition
Saturday April 14
0900 – 1030


Toru Nakazawa– Is RGC apoptosis the defining feature of glaucoma?
Paul Kaufman – Gene therapy for glaucoma; becoming what we never were – why, how, when?
Paul Palmberg – The Coming Paradigm Shift in Glaucoma Management
1030 – 1100 Morning tea – trade exhibition
1100 – 1230 Symposium 08 – Intraocular Pressure and Beyond Symposium 09 – Glaucoma Genetics: An Update Course 06 – Laser Treatment in Glaucoma Course 07 – Glaucoma Imaging in Clinical Practice
Ningli Wang – CSF and trans-lamina cribrosa pressure difference

Toru Nakazawa – Systemic oxidative stress and blood flow
Norman Aquino – Addressing Retinal Ganglion Cell (RGC) Injury Thru Non-IOP Lowering Approaches
Neeru Gupta – Evidence that CSF Enters the Optic Nerve and Implications for Glaucoma
Shamira Perera – IOP dissected
Prin Rojanapongpun
Clinical relevant of the IOP outside the office hours

Jung II Moon
Tin Aung – Exfoliation syndrome and LOXL1: possible new therapy?

Michael Hauser – Glaucoma in individuals of African Ancestry
David Mackey – TBA
Calvin Pang – Investigation of the Glaucoma Genes
P Sundaresan – Current trends in molecular genetics of POAG and PACG
Monisha Nongpiur – Update on Genetics of angle closure glaucoma

Soon Cheol Cha
Wong Hon Tym – Laser iridoplasty

Edgar Leuenberger – Laser iridotomy (temp vs non temporal and max use of ASOCT)
Maria Cecilia Aquino – Micropulse transcleral cyclophotocoagulation
Gan Eng Hui – SLT
Ana María Vásquez – Femtosecond laser-assisted cataract surgery in glaucoma patients
Shan Lin – Imaging modality for angle-closure glaucoma in under-served region

Young Kook Kim – Pattern of glaucoma progression in macular vulnerability zone
Mark de Leon – Retinal vascular caliber in glaucoma
Jae Hong Ahn – Usefulness of alteration flicker using disc photography
Tadamich Akagi – Vascular imaging of optic nerve and retina using OCT-angiography
1230 – 1400 Lunch symposium
1400 – 1530 Symposium 10 – Challenging Cases Symposium 11 Pfizer – Valuable Insights in the Diagnosis and Management of Glaucoma Symposium 12 – Strucure and Function Course 08- Pediatric Glaucoma
Lim Lik Thai – Blebitis-endophthalmitis with kissing choroidal effusion

Nazrul Islam – Combined phacotrab in shallow AC and small pupil
Vijaya Lingam – Drug induced angle closure glaucoma: mechanism and management
Ruhi Mannan – Management of hypotonic maculopathy
Ahmad Aref – Surgical management of secondary pigmentary glaucoma
Noel Chan – Trabeculectomy post vitreo retina surgery
Paul Palmberg – Traumatic Glaucoma Management Surprise

Jae Woo Kim
Ki Ho Park – Key Learnings in the Evaluation of Glaucoma: Perspective from Korea

Robert Ritch – Insights in the Management of Glaucoma
Ivan Goldberg – The Challenges for Glaucoma Medical Therapy: Adherence and Persistence
Panel Discussion – Ivan Goldberg (Moderator), Ki Ho Park, Robert Ritch

Ivan Goldberg

Robert Chang – Combining functional and structural test for glaucoma detection

Maria Imelda Yap-Veloso – Progression in Advanced Glaucoma : What May Help?
Manchima Makorwattana – How to utilize rates of structural and functional changes in glaucoma monitoring
Hae-Young Lopilly Park – Macular structure-function correlation
Ryo Asaoka – Pitfalls in the evaluation of structure-function relationship
Kung Rim Sung – TBA
Henry Chen – Quantitative Comparison of OCT Angiography Between Open Angle Glaucoma and NAION

Michael Kook
Ho Ching Lin – Angle surgery in pediatric glaucoma

Nazrul Islam – Basic evaluation and role of medical therapy
Balekudaru Shantha – Glaucoma drainage devices for pediatric glaucoma
Sir Peng Khaw
– Management of the childhood glaucomas: Lessons, advances and dreams across a century
1530 – 1600 Afternoon tea – trade exhibition
1600 – 1730 Symposium 13 – New Ideas in Medical Treatment Symposium 14 – Normal Tension Glaucoma: What’s new Course 09 – Resident Course Free Paper Session 1
Seungsoo Rho – Application of biodegradable materials on glaucoma treatment

Kyoung In Jung – Wound healing modulation in glaucoma implant surgery
Jian Ge – TBA
Paul Healey – TBA
Paul Kaufman – Targeting the Conventional Outflow Pathway: Rho Kinase Inhibitors, Nitric Oxide Donors, Adenosine A1 Receptor Agonists, EP2/EP4 Receptor Agonists
Ya Xing Wang – A prospect of future medical treatment for glaucoma
Toshihiro Inoue – Efficacy and safety of a ROCK inhibitor, ripasudil, in glaucoma
Tina Wong – Putting Sparc into wound healing : a new anti-fibrotic treatment for glaucoma surgery
Ramanjit Sihota – “Target”IOP in Primary angle closure disease

Chang-sik Kim
Ningli Wang – Cerebrospinal fluid dynamics in NTG

Tae-Woo Kim – Lamina cribrosa deformation in NTG
Tetsuya Yamamoto – Medical and surgical therapy for NTG
Dexter Leung – Neuroimaging in NTG
Koji Nitta – OCT angiography for NTG
Kai Shun Leung – OCT findings in NTG (except lamina cribrosa and OCTA)
Akira Sawada – Prognosis of normotensive preperimetric glaucoma

Chan Kee Park
Pui Yi Boey – Advanced management of acute angle closure

Amir Samsudin – Clinical evaluation of the optic disc
Mimiwati Zahari – Management of glaucoma in presence of ocular surface disease
Tae-Woo Kim – Myopia and normal-tension glaucoma
Jaewan Choi – Pitfalls in diagnosing and treating normal tension glaucoma
Wong Hon Tym – Target IOP
1745 – 1830 APGS Annual General Meeting.
All APGS members welcome
1930 – 2200 Presidents Dinner
Nurimaru APEC House
Sunday April 15
0900 – 1030


Tetsuya YamamotoWhat we can expect to happen in our patients in 20 years after trabeculectomy
Neeru Gupta The Role of Lymphatics and Glymphatics in Glaucoma
Balwantray Chauhan – Practical tips for detecting progression in glaucoma
1030 – 1100 Morning tea – trade exhibition
1100 – 1230 Symposium 15 – An Update On Glaucoma Risk Factors Symposium 16 – Glaucoma Drainage Device Course 10 – Interpreting Visual Fields Free Paper Session 2
Hyoung Won Bae – Risk factors for glaucoma progression in patients with myopia

Shaoying Tan – Updates on 24-hour IOP estimation
Paul Healey – Genetics of glaucoma
Young Hoon Hwang – Myopia in Glaucoma
Joon Mo Kim – Systemic risk factors for development of glaucoma
Kazuhisa Sugiyama – Myopia, PPA and glaucoma
George Spaeth – Risk factors for glaucoma progression and blindness; what are they and how do you manage them

Ki Ho Park
Chang-sik Kim – Corneal damage after glaucoma drainage device

Xiulan Zhang – How to improve outcomes
Da Wen Lu – Management of complications
Victor Koh – New glaucoma drainage device
Do Tan – Pars plana clipped ahmed tube – a series report
Masaru Inatani – The complications of tube shunt surgery using Baerveldt glaucoma implant. –Prospective study
Joseph Anthony Tumbocon – Tubes in Tight places

Hwang Ki Kim
Ryo Asaoka – Detecting progression – which method is best?

Noel Chan – Distinguishing myopia, optic neuropathy and other ocular pathology from glaucoma
Andrew White – Does reliabilty matter?
Ridia Lim – Progressing fields: when is it significant and when should I intervene?
1230 – 1400 Lunch symposium – Allergan
1400 – 1530 Symposium 17 – ISGS Symposium Symposium 18 – Asia-Pacific Glaucoma Guideline Course 11 – Non Penetrating glaucoma Surgery Free Paper Session 3
Young Hoon Hwang – Novel membrane-tube type glaucoma shunt device

Robert Chang – Suprachoroidal devices which includes the Cypass
Damrong Witawongwana – MIGS: Subconjunctival device (Xen)
Shan Lin – Innfocus
SS Pandav – ExPress
Tarek Shaarawy – Istent and Hydrus
Paul Chew – New laser treatments for glaucoma
Dexter Leung – ECP and HIFU

Tae Woo Kim
Dexter Leung

Sushil Kumar Vasudevan
Yuenbo Liang
Shamira Perera – APGG: Glaucoma surgery and laser
Jimmy Lai – Laser treatment

Gong Je Seong
Dexter Leung – Deep sclerectomy

Nafees Baig – Deep sclerectomy: indications and outcomes
Colin Clement – Skills transfer: how to become and expert NPGS surgeon.
Bonnie Choy – non penetrating deep sclerectomy using CO2 laser
1530 – 1600 Afternoon tea – trade exhibition
1600 – 1730 Symposium 19 – Debates in Controversies Symposium 20 – Neovascular Glaucoma Course 12 – Glaucoma for general Ophthalmologists Free Paper Session 4
Clement Tham – Motion 2: Clear lens extraction is one of the treatment options for primary angle closure suspect (PACS) – FOR

Paul Healey – Motion 3: Changes in retinal nerve fiber layer thickness is more important than visual field changes in following glaucoma progression – Against
Hae-young Lopilly Park – Motion 3: Changes in retinal nerve fiber layer thickness is more important than visual field changes in following glaucoma progression.- For

Kyung Rim Sung
SK Fang – Optimising surgical management of NVG

Siddiqur Rahman – Outline of treatment at different stages of the disease in NVG
Mizanur Rahman – Pathophysiology, types and prevalence of neovascular glaucoma
Nazrul Islam – Prevention and comprehensive management of NVG
Poemen Chan – Role of laser and anti VEGF in neovascular glaucoma
Manolito Reyes – Favorable and Non Favorable Anti Glaucoma Medication for all Stages of NVG

Yong Yeon Kim
Farrah Jaafar – Approach to glaucoma suspects

Kyung Rim Sung – Diagnosing glaucoma in highly myopic eyes
Liza Sharmini – Glaucoma papers which have changed my clinical practice
Shan Lin – Laser iridotomy: when, where, and how large?
Seungsoo Rho – Management of neovascular glaucoma
Arun Narayanaswamy – Steroids and glaucoma
1730 – 1800 Congress close