The three day program will consist of plenaries, symposia, instruction courses, free papers, posters, skill transfer courses, industry symposia and workshops.

Free paper sessions will be held throughout the Congress, and the opportunity to submit an abstract will be scheduled to open mid 2017. The committee will be accepting poster and oral abstracts.

Regenerative medicine

Paediatric glaucoma
Gonioscopy & angle imaging
Blood flow aspects in glaucoma
Interpreting visual fields
Resident course
Glaucoma statistics and reporting glaucoma study results
Laser treatment in glaucoma
Glaucoma imaging on clinical practice
Optimising trabeculectomy
Hot topics in glaucoma research
Glaucoma for general ophthamologists
Non penetrating glaucoma surgery

Intraocular pressure and beyond
Medical treatment and adherence
Risk factors of glaucoma and clinical practice
Angle closure glaucoma: A to Z
Exfoliation syndrome
Structure and function
Epidemiology and screening of glaucoma
Glaucoma Surgery Film Festival
Normal tension glaucoma: what’s new
New ideas in medical treatment
Glaucoma diagnosis and imaging
Glaucoma genetics: an update
Glaucoma drainage device
Asia-Pacific Glaucoma Guideline
Challenging cases
Debates on controversies
Neovascular glaucoma
Patient’s perspective symposia