Dr Robert Chang

Vice President
Asia Pacific Tele Ophthal...

Dr. Chang runs a busy glaucoma and cataract surgical practice with special expertise in minimally invasive glaucoma surgery (MIGS such as iStent, ECP, trabectome, cyclo G6, Cypass, Xen) and complex cataract removal using the latest technologies including intraop aberrometry (ORA) and toric lenses as well as multifocals including Restor Activefocus and Symfony. He is an expert on optical coherence tomography (OCT) having helped the development of Zeiss Cirrus. He emphasizes precision health using serial OCT and visual fields. Besides state of the art clinical care, cutting edge research, and world class education (> 100 lectures including international teaching and volunteer work), he is involved in the development of novel mobile health devices and digital health startups as well as scientific advisor to multiple pharmaceutical and medical device companies. Current research interests include: differentiating high myopia from glaucoma, factors influencing patient satisfaction, improving glaucoma medication compliance, eye care screening with mobile devices, computer vision machine learning algorithms, hyperspectral imaging, microfluidic sensors, and validating and commercializing new medical devices. He is Vice President of the Asia Pacific Tele Ophthalmology Society and is leading efforts in Artificial Intelligence Deep Learning for Ophthalmology.

Dr. Chang co-invented the EyeGo Smartphone imaging adapter, which was licensed to Digisight Technologies (now called the PAXOS scope https://www.digisight.net/digisight/paxos-scope.php). He brings translational medtech to the market to improve patient care. He is also the co-creator of an immersive, cross-cultural Stanford-China entrepreneurship graduate seminar (www.dhealthclass.com) and leads several hybrid biodesign hackathon seminars including Hong Kong (www.dreamcatchers.hku.hk/?p=1268) and Brazil (www.hipuc.com). He is a Fellow of the Stanford Center of Innovation for Global Health, a Biodesign Faculty Fellow, and Lean Launchpad educator. He also won first place in the 2015 Philips Healthsuite Hackathon and the 2016 Robert Howard Design Award for his team’s venture-backed seed stage consumer health startup.