Prof Toru Nakazawa

Professor and Chairman of...
Tohoku University

Toru Nakazawa received the Ph.D degree in Ophthalmology in 2002. He spent the following three years at Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary as the research fellow under the direction of Prof. Joan W Miller. He has been a Professor and Chairman of Department of Ophthalmology at Tohoku University since 2011. He conducts the translational research aimed at the development of clinical therapy by using the results of basic research. Prof. Nakazawa`s research interests have been focused on the study of neuroprotection related. He creates various animal models in eye disease and with extensive technology, he locates the important signal transduction to explore the target of neuroprotection treatment. By contrast in clinical research, he focuses on the research of ocular blood flow which is one of major intraocular pressure independent factors for glaucoma. Also, he discloses the relationship between OCT and a visual field in the innovative method to examine the way of progression measurement of glaucoma and focusing on fragmenting patients successfully.

Dr. Nakazawa has published more than 225 articles in board reviewed international Journals.